Friday, August 12, 2005


                                                      Risen Christ
                             acrylic copy of original image by Emmett Williams

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A nice clip from Tom Lassiter about the end of a Greensboro institution. If you ever shopped at Blumenthal's, or just remember a timeless family business from your hometown, you should watch this film.

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Get your brand-spanking-new Backwards City Review #2 here. If you want to talk about creativity and the web in Greensboro, these guys are part of the conversation.

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Earl Jones wants North Carolina to fund stem cell research.

Mark Binker reports: "The bill proposes using $10 million from the state's tobacco settlement proceeds to help fund research that uses stem cells to find cures for diseases."

An opponent is quoted: " I don't want one baby to die just so I can live." Fair enough, this wouldn't kill any babies, let's get on with it.

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