Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tomorrow morning on Brad & Britt, FM 101.1, just after 8:30: Mike Johnson, who represents the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, and Mark Chancey, religion prof at SMU, member of the Texas Freedom Network and pointed critic of this course as offered. 

Apparently the two faced off on MSNBC yesterday and it got heated, with Johnson calling Chancey a "secular humanist."  That last bit is interesting, it's a phrase used often by the religious culture warriors to describe their supposed enemies, and may say something about the mindset of this supposedly educational organization.


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Wharton on churches, neighborhoods, and parking.

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The News & Record editorial page has a new feature that pulls short items from other papers and blogs (it was one of these short items, citing six-year-old column, that got me threatened by a sentient flag). Today the local paper is quoting James Wolcott. It really is a brave new world, isn't it?

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