Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Paul Hackett effect? Iraq war vet Tim Dunn will challenge shaky-looking incumbent Robin Hayes in NC's 8th Congressional district. Somebody needs to help the guy with his web effort. He'll be on the Brad & Britt show tomorrow morning at 8:10, 101.1 FM.

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Looks like North Carolina will have a lottery. It took some maneuvering, to say the least. I thought it would happen much sooner, and although I have decidedly mixed feelings about it, I'll surely play when the pot is big enough.

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Audio files of the second round of Truth & Reconciliation hearings.

Also, a summary of statements by prosecutors who did not speak in public.

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Jesse Helms says something nice about the News & Record.

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I'm writing a 3,000 word article. I've got the first two paragraphs written, which in my own Rube Goldberg writing methodology means I'm about half done.

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Local bloggers and Greensboro 101 will sponsor a forum for at-large City Council candidates on Tuesday, September 27th at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. Michael Christopher will moderate. Bloggers and readers are invited to submit questions to Hardy Floyd (floyds@gcsnc.com) by September 18th; anyone attending the Greensboro Bloggers Meetup at Panera on Lawndale on Sept 21 can vote on which questions will be used. (I couldn't find links to a blog or blogs where all the info is posted in the email announcing this thing.)

UPDATE: All the details here.

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I saw the headline and lede of the Times article, reaffirmed that my personal catalog of neuroses and projections does not include this particular set of of problems, assured my wife of same when she read the article...but apparently a lot of men are kind of freaked out by watching their wives give birth, to the point of diminished attraction to their mates, and a lot of other people judge them harshly for that. It does seem like a bit of a madonna/whore complex is at work, or at least a lack of understanding that we are animals and some of our body parts are multi-purpose tools, but there you go, people are freaks and this is less freaky than a lot of stuff I hear.

I was happy to be there for the birth of our children, both of them, although if there had been a third one I might have stayed home in bed. Just kidding, darling, the miracle of life never grows old, although the wonder of having my hand crushed by yours during each contraction while I was craning my neck to watch Conan on the hospital-room TV did pall after a few hours...I could have skipped the part where they ask the dad to cut the umbilical cord, it did not add symbolic beauty to the occasion for me. Still, it's a surprising, messy, elemental, exciting experience, and the dads really are not asked to do the heavy lifting, so I think those poor saps in the Times (like so many people one reads about in the Times) should find something else to worry about.

UPDATE: Related, from my Mother's Day column: "Hot moms are very big these days. You've got your 'Desperate Housewives,' that whole Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher thing, and of course the song about Stacy's mom by Fountains of Wayne, complete with Rachel Hunter in a video homage to the climactic scene of 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High.' Do not discuss any of this with your own mom at brunch."

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Jim Schlosser is blogging about the city he knows so well.

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Good music on tap at a fundraiser for the T&R commission, Thursday night at 7, New Garden Friends Meeting, near Guilford College.

Three Chords and the Truth features performances by Si Kahn, Laurelyn Dossett of Polecat Creek, Riley Baugus, Scott Pryor and poet Amaris Howard of the Collective.

Details here.

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Reidsville News is a new blog that covers...news from Reidsville.

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A veteran of televised hurricane reporting, Lenslinger shares his hard-won wisdom with other pros.

5. Work on the Wardrobe
I'm guessing the promotions department made you wear that aqua green rain slicker with the oversized logos, but I gotta tell ya, it just ain't working. How about an outfit that better represents the average tourist -- say a pair of Birkenstocks, bright orange Speedos and a too-tight Nascar t-shirt. For the ladies, maybe a confederate flag bikini and cigarette holder?

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Media Bloggers Association will host a computer assisted research and reporting training session at the National Press Club in DC, Sept. 23-24. Useful stuff.

Sign up here.

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