Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nice NYT coverage of the National Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem.

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NYT: "Why America Is More Dependent Than Ever on Saudi Arabia"

Jad Mouawad reports, "Indeed, the alternatives to Saudi Arabia are fewer today than seemed to be the case just three years ago. Predictions of a boom in Iraqi oil have been proved wrong; Iran, OPEC's second-largest oil producer, is locked on a collision course with the West; Venezuela is following an erratic path; and Russia's commitment to market reforms and foreign investments seems increasingly unreliable.

"All this has added to Saudi Arabia's already impressive clout."

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Thanks, again, to Charlotte for allowing Greensboro to feel better about itself. Today's chapter is about city politics. Observer: "Republican candidate Doug Hanks said Thursday that he will exit the Charlotte City Council race, after his postings on a white supremacist Internet site became public.

"In more than 4,000 posts on, Hanks railed against blacks and Jews, touted his instruction book on building a homemade rifle and recruited people to rally against Charlotte's decision to remove the Confederate flag from Elmwood Cemetery."

Hanks said he was just play-acting to win the trust of real racists as he researched a novel...a lame excuse made lamer by his own comparison of his novel to The Turner Diaries, a racist novel seen as an inspiration for Tim McVeigh.

Props to the Charlotte Rhino Times, which broke the story, but hasn't posted it yet, leaving other papers around the country to reap the web traffic this is generating...

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