Friday, August 19, 2005

Guarino makes a link between the Simkins PAC and fiascos such as the St. James Homes and Project Homestead boondoggles. In the comments, Roch and Mr. Sun want to know what that link is. Sol is fiery: "How is the Simkins PAC tainted by Project Homestead and St. James other than the fact that they are all 'black stuff.' How?"

Good question.

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The Poor Man is updating his dictionary. "I have noticed, while reading right-leaning blogs, that certain words I had thought I had understood appear to now mean quite different things..."

The Left n.
1. You.
2. Jane Fonda and Noam Chomsky.
3. Everybody less conservative than me and all Democrats except Zell Miller.
4. Everybody less conservative than me and all Democrats except Zell Miller and present company.
5. Nobody, really.
6. Everybody I hate.
7. A quantum superposition of the above definitions.

Read the whole thing.

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Chewie has some thoughts on Indian mascots and the way Indians are portrayed in American culture. Plus, pics of Giant Roadside Indians.

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Converge blog conference FAQ.

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Townhouse round-up from A Little Urbanity. Luna walks me around Southside of a pleasant afternoon, and it really is astounding -- as that area fills up, downtown should add services to support its new residents, which should draw more development downtown...rinse and repeat.

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