Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Councilwoman Carmany calls the vote to raise Council pay "a risky political step - but...a solid public policy move."

And she addresses some of the issues around the Super Jam concert at the Coliseum.

When skeptics ask if blogging elected officials actually say anything worthwhile, point them to Sandy's Place.

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A conversation about adult beverages started here. I prefer bourbon (and sourmash), with Maker's Mark my current house brand. I lighten up a bit in the summer and go with a blended scotch, with soda or water. Lenslinger says he drinks Maker's Mark and Coke...well, I still like him. I enjoy a nice single-malt, too, but would never drown it the way I do its lesser cousins...

I will also mix a martini in an old silver shaker that belonged to my grandfather -- it has a dent in it, I'd love know what happened that night. Martinis are made with gin, and I will wet the glass with vermouth if you please. Of course I will pour you vodka in any combination you desire, but I won't call it a martini. I'm very conservative about that, although liberal on the subject of mixing onions and olives.

A few years ago some nice folks ran a beer-of-the-month club in my office building. They distributed craft-brewed beers, micro-brews you couldn't get anywhere else...many were fine, interesting, occasionally delicious, but often it was like drinking a loaf of bread. I'll take a good serious beer from time to time, but for the most part I like my beer to be soda pop with alchohol, and almost any mainstream lager works for me.

Wine, red wine, yes please. I wish more stores would carry half-bottles, the perfect serving size for a staid couple on a weeknight. I moved to France thinking I would learn about the best wines and vintages, but what I learned is that wine is an everyday beverage that doesn't have to be expensive and should not be wasted on snobs.

Sterno and shoe polish: never tried them, but I hear they'll do in a pinch.

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