Wednesday, September 14, 2005

First installment of a contributing readers' journal at the N&R site documenting an interfaith mission from Greensboro to Israel. I'm looking forward to reading the posts from my bud Jill Wilson. Via JR, who helped make it happen.

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Michael Stipe: What if we give it away?

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Wharton: Hell Freezes Over (Wal-Mart edition).

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Even worse than it appears? Unclear if Chertoff moved slowly on Katrina, or moved unbelievably slowly.

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The huge tank farm out by the GSO airport is a local landmark. What lies beneath?

A vast underground network fuels our nation. Working day and night, these steel pipes transport the natural gas, crude oil and refined petroleum products that sustain our industry, our economy and our individual households.

Today, oil pipelines alone carry almost one-quarter of this nation's total inter city freight...About half of all crude oil and petroleum products consumed in our nation is transported in some 200,000 miles of liquids pipelines.

Those big white tanks off Market St are a major node on this network, serving two critical pipelines, Plantation and Colonial. 

Colonial restored service quickly after Katrina...with the help of Dick Cheney, according to the story told here.

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Congressman uses National Guard to check on his personal property during resuce operations. Lovely.

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Speaking for getting your NYT content from a Friendly Blogger Who Cares... today Friedman is mad again about the planning and response to Katrina. He comparies us unfavorably to Singapore: "Trust me, the head of Civil Defense here is not simply someone's college roommate."

The US is just not serious about dealing with this kind of thing, he says. "Last year, we cut the National Science Foundation budget, while indulging absurd creationist theories in our schools and passing pork-laden energy and transportation bills in the middle of an energy crisis.

"We let the families of the victims of 9/11 redesign our intelligence organizations, and our president and Congress held a midnight session about the health care of one woman, Terri Schiavo, while ignoring the health crisis of 40 million uninsured. Our economy seems to be fueled lately by either suing each other or selling each other houses. Our government launched a war in Iraq without any real plan for the morning after, and it cut taxes in the middle of that war, ensuring that future generations would get the bill."

He should get mad more often.

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NYT's Len Apcar describes the garden of delights behind the new TimesSelect paywall, effective Sept. 19.

Subscribers get "exclusive online access to many of our most influential columnists in Op-Ed, Business, New York/Region and Sports. In addition to reading the columns, TimesSelect subscribers can also engage with our columnists through video interviews and Web-only postings."

This sounds good: "The Times is also opening up its vast archive of articles reaching back 25 years and eventually back to the paper's founding in 1851."

It costs $49.95 a year -- free if you subscribe to the paper at home. I get that blue bag in the driveway every morning, so make sure to come here often if you want to know what's in the NYT.

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More Converge: Chris Nolan is coming to Greensboro to participate in the journalism conference and eat barbecue.

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An outfiit called NowStream will provide live video coverage and a web video archive of the ConvergeSouth conference. Sue's got details.

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