Monday, September 19, 2005

Andrew Rice in Slate: "I could quote many statistics to illustrate the team's futility, but one really sums it up: Since World War II, no South Carolina head coach has gone on to another head coaching job after leaving the school. Ever. Anywhere."

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Jinni's Journal, chapter the latest: "Now that the chemo was over, why didn't I feel relieved?"

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What's scarier -- that the big brains over at FM talker 101.1 FM think a question about whether Saddam was involved in 9/11 is suitable fodder for an opinion poll, or that 52% of respondents say yes, Saddam was involved?

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Muller v Malkin, chapter XXVCMXLI.

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Bush in a Tree to John Edwards, post-Katrina: "You caught the punt. Let's see how far you can run with it."  (via Instapundit, by whom I am inspired to say, Indeed).

Edwards clearly recognizes the opportunity. He will deliver a speech this afternoon that opens with the plight of the poor in New Orleans and ends up sounding very much like a campaign theme-setter.

"In the 1960s we fought a war on poverty.  Our intentions were good, but sometimes we expected government to do things that only individuals and communities can achieve."

Personal responsibility combined with smart government can beat poverty, that's the message. Don't have babies out of wedlock in your teens and we'll make sure you've got a chance.

He talks a lot about "the Working Society" he envisions, and even makes an explicit comparison between the insufficient levees that protected New Orleans and the "levees" that society puts in place to help the poor.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Kerry wants the ball, too.

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Peter Daou on the interplay of blogs, officialdom, and the media. If you care about this kind of stuff, the article is a must-read.

Seems to me that the Daou triangle is discernible in local politics, too. And I think local webs will have a greater impact on national politics than a lot of the folks in DC expect.

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Nothing Serious is a new blog from David Theall, a Greensboro guy who lives with his "wife & 3 daughters. Acutely aware of the overwhelming levels of estrogen in his environment (even the dogs are female), David often engages in dangerous, manly activities in an effort to establish his dominance as the only male in the tribe. So far, his efforts have failed to achieve any meaningful shift in the balance of power."

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Sandra Anderson has a nice website for her City Council campaign. It would be simple to add a page with regular updates, news, photos, and thoughts from the candidate, aka a blog.

Hoggard's maintaining a list of candidate web sites. Greensboro may be a bloggy city, but you wouldn't know it from this campaign.

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TimesSelect: it took a little monkeying around, but I'm successfully navigating the new pay service of the New York Times. As a home subscriber, I get it for free, and so I'll let you know what you're missing if you are not paying for the content behind the orange T logo...

Today, Krugman says Katrina reveals a racial divide in this country: "Under George W. Bush - who, like Mr. Reagan, isn't personally racist but relies on the support of racists - the anti-government right has reached a new pinnacle of power. And the incompetent response to Katrina was the direct result of his political philosophy. When an administration doesn't believe in an agency's mission, the agency quickly loses its ability to perform that mission."

Housing for evacuees is the next big problem, he says: "The FEMAvilles springing up across the gulf region could all too easily turn into squalid symbols of national failure. But the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which should be a source of expertise in tackling this problem, has been reduced to a hollow shell, with eight of its principal staff positions vacant."

Bob Herbert says that W is Lucy and the nation is Charlie Brown and that W is going to pull the football away again and we'll fall on our collective butts when his Katrina-relief spendapalooza doesn't pan out, because there is big fraud in Iraq reconstruction and he lied about WMD.

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Tiffany Brown posts about her Outsider Blogging session at Converge. She calls it, "A continuation of the dialogue started with this year's SXSW panel 'Blogging While Black,'" and promises "a discussion about blogging from a racial, gender, ethnic, GLBT or religious perspective."

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Amanda Congdon posts about her video-blogging session at Converge, including what she calls her core beliefs: "If information is presented in an entertaining way, its message will spread quickly," and, "No medium is more powerful than the moving image."

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