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Monday, January 31, 2005

HP: For circuits, swap silicon for molecules. Company says it has a substitute for the transistor that's far smaller and, potentially, far cheaper to produce.
Image: Molecular montage [CNET News.com]
10:27:22 PM    

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molecular electronic circuit
Image: Molecular montage. Artist's concept of a molecular electronic circuit portrays switches connecting nanometer-scale wires in two planes. [CNET News.com]
10:22:42 PM    

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More Wilco
Lessig on Wilco.

Copyright guru, attorney, and Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig put an editorial this month’s Wired Magazine lauding the new-paradigm business attitude of Wilco. Of course, the story of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot doesn’t need retelling here; suffice to say that Wilco represents the most successful blow-off of a label, and embrace of the Internet in 21st-century history. Lessig seems infatuated with Wilco’s almost metaphysical approach to marketing.

[The Digital Music Weblog]
9:20:41 PM    

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Remember the Gasoline
The emirate of Dubai has bought $1bn of DaimlerChrysler stock and is now the company's third biggest shareholder.

The shares now belong to Dubai Holding, a company set up by the Dubai government in October to oversee the Gulf emirate's economic development projects. Dubai now has around two percent of the company's shares. Deutsche Bank owns 10.4% and the government of Kuwait owns 7.2%.

No wonder DaimlerChrysler designs mostly gas-guzzlers, eh? Makes me wonder what percentage of all the large car companies is owned by Arabic Oil nations?
[Ottmar Liebert]
9:16:43 PM    

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From Abstract Dynamics
this is a server.

and no mr van Veen, its not made by Microsoft

this is a server

[Abstract Dynamics]
7:30:02 AM    

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A picture named vandergraaf.gifDamn. I really didn't know this. And now it's sold out. This is even better than the Velvets reunion back in '93.

Here's Van der Graaf Generator with Firebrand. [The Cartoonist]
7:26:06 AM    

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An Amazing Journey
Ahoy - from Sept. '03
7:21:01 AM    

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