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Spaziergänge in Berlin und Umgebung

Freitag, 21. März 2003

Berlin bietet viel Auslauf für Kunstspaziergänger.
Und kommt man abends müde nach Hause, wird man zum digitalen Flaneur (click to go).

Blick vom Funkturm Richtung Lietzensee, 16.03.03

Suzan Hazan sprintet in ihrem Essay The Virtual Aura and the Digital Flaneur durch virtuelle Museen (via wood s lot).

The speed that we are able to access remote museums and pull them up side by side on the screen is alarmingly immediate. We do this at the click of a mouse, and in a nano-instant of time. This is a far cry from the turtle-walking flâneurs of the Parisian arcades who proudly walked around, in turtle-time through the labyrinth of the inner city. The digital flâneur sees the world and is at the same time at the center of the world, lost in the same anonymity that the arcade flâneurs favored.

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Großer Stürzender, G. Kolbe, 1943 (im Kolbehain) !!!
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