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Spaziergänge in Berlin und Umgebung

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2004

So dekorativ hat Metzel noch nie gewütet.

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Schade. Gerade heute so ein Mistwetter.
Im Rahmen der transmediale04 fand um 14.00 Uhr ein Berliner .Walk statt, ein Quaternion.walk.

To the peripatic philosophers of ancient Greece walking was imperative to thinking. During a Sunday afternoon stroll on 16 October 1843 W. R. Hamilton rediscovered this for himself in his native Dublin. To answer to a problem he & his colleagues had been working on, suddenly found him: then and there (I) felt the galvanic circuit of thought close; and the sparks which fell from it moved mathematics into 4 dimensions, but with no paper on him he carved the equation in the limestone of the Brougham bridge: i2=j2=k2=ijk=-1. This formula became famous as the formula for Quaternions, a new System of Imaginaries. Even though his work had little effect during his lifetime, it would later inspire the likes of Einstein, Murray Gell-Mann & many others. The Quaternion formula is also used for doing computer graphics. The .walk for Transmediale will bring the 4th dimension home to where it began.
Den Quaternion-walk habe ich mir wegen des Regens nicht angetan, aber es doch wenigstens bis in die transmediale-Ausstellung Fly Utopia! im Haus der Kulturen der Welt geschafft; dort dann - irgendwie erholsam - zwischen all den Monitoren, Videoprojektionen umd Multimediainstallationen auch ein Flugfahrrad von Gustav Messmer, dem Ikarus von Lauterberg.

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