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Friday, January 17, 2003
Justice Integration
The Center for Technology in Government just received a grant to develop a capability-assessment model based on best practices in information sharing across justice agencies to help justice agencies gauge their readiness to implement information sharing and integration initiatives.  The Center is located in New York and plans to work with NGA, so this should fit in with the Interop America project.  Here's their take on XML.
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The Council for Excellence in Government has formed a group called CIO SAGE whose purpose is to share expertise with new government IT leaders. It is made up of former government IT leaders like Steve Kolodny, John Thomas Flynn, and John Kelly.  This group needs to add Phil Windley whose technical expertise and knowledge certainly rivals any of the others, particularly in the area of web services and building enterprise systems.  They should also consider adding former Utah CIO Dave Moon who could say a lot about coalition building and venture capital development.

In other news, Mitt Romney seems to be making headway in Massachussetts.

Wasatch Digital IQ has an article on Val Oveson's appointment as Utah CIO.

Matt Asay and Tim Bird are discussing Linux on the desktop.

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