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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I met with the Utah eGov Product Management Council this morning.  The new Utah.gov portal and the business.utah.gov portal are both set to launch on the 17th, day 500 of Governor Leavitt's 1000 Day Plan.  That will be followed by the launch of the one-stop business registration system in early July.  The new portal will address issues raised last week by the Deseret News and have some great new features.  Both portals will feature RSS news feeds.

DNR reported on the use of the campground reservation system.  Online interactive unemployment services supported by the Department of Workforce Services are growing at a rate of 11% a quarter as users find their way online and help to diminish the "digital divide."  DCED has implemented a new online "travel partner" database and Public Safety now has XML-enabled all dispatch traffic from across the state.  Different versions will be available to the public and to the media.

The Council has really captured an enterprise vision.  After each meeting, many of the members hang around to collaborate on what they are doing and how they can work together to accomplish the eGov vision.  I requested that all the members review the Intergovernmental Advisory Board's "High Payoff in Electronic Government" document prior to the July meeting.

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Columnist Dave Weinberger on yesterdays panel, Blogging in Large IT Organizations, reports that CIO Rock Regan has over 40 people in Connecticut using blogs as part of the Architectural Review Board.  They capture information, discuss things, and make decisions using their weblogs as a tool.  Rock wants to use blogs for project management.  In NetworkWorld Fusion, Rock is quoted, "It is a critical function of our organization, it's going to be instrumental in our survival."  Regan reports that Connecticut is using Userland's Manila to develop the state's blogging infrastructure.

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