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Monday, June 30, 2003

Earlier this month, the Congressional Internet Congress sponsored an event entitled "Internet Tax Simplification: Is It Really That Simple?"  Streaming video of the entire discussion is available.  With former Virginia governor Gilmore giving the opening address, you know what perspecitive it is supporting.  In May, the group looked at spectrum management for wireless deployment.

Speaking of Virgina, I just got an invitation to COVITS, that state's premier technology conference.  The speakers list is pretty impressive, beginning with John Major, Steven Cooper, Norman Schwarzkopf, Cathilea Robinette...

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An article in Converge magazine, Paige and Leavitt Dedicate Online Teachers College, discusses the new WGU teachers college, an online school to help teachers meet new certification requirements.  Governor Leavitt and Secretary Paige dedicated the new college in March.  Several states now recognize the WGU teaching certificate.

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Rick Mandahl of AT&T referred me to a report released by the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday.  The report, entitled, Emergency Responders: Drastically Underfunded, Dangerously Unprepared, identifies unfunded homeland security needs amounting to $98.4 billion through FY08.  This includes $6.8 billion for interoperable communications and $10.4 billion for emergency 911 systems.

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Deseret News coverage of the new Utah.gov portal.  The article also mentions a new Utah cultural heritage site.

A new university was just founded in Salt Lake City.  Northface University, which claims to be establishing "the finest university in the world for software developers" now offers an MBA in enterprise informatics and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  Eve Andersson, who is leading the university's Collaborative Enterprise Web Services project (maybe we could use some interns from this program) has a great photo collection, including her trip to Guatemala.  Eve teamed with Phil Greenspun and Andrew Grumet to create this Internet Application Workbook which points to the Open Mobile Alliance.

Part of the University's program includes an enterprise project:

"Enterprise projects are real-world projects solicited from corporations or government agencies, who are the clients. They are relatively difficult projects that involve advanced or expert tasks. These projects are the "Capstone" of the student's Northface experience, culminating in their final trimester's work."

The University already has partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, and Beneficial life.

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