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Thursday, June 12, 2003

The previous post is actually a Department of Commerce press release posting to a new RSS feed that will be used for the new Utah.gov portal.  Watch for it next week.  We are pushing the use of RSS out across state government.
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It can’t get much easier!  Utah building contractors are now renewing their licenses online and finding the process to be quick, easy and efficient.  The deadline for contractor license renewals with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) is July 31, 2003.  As part of Governor Leavitt’s initiative to make state government more accessible, the online renewal service is available to citizens 24 hours a day/7days a week at no additional cost.  Those who have used the new online renewal system are giving it the thumbs up.


DOPL, in conjunction with Utah Interactive Inc., the State’s official Web portal provider, launched the online renewal service in March 2003 and has since modified it to be more user-friendly.  The Web site for contractor renewals may be found at www.dopl.utah.gov.   To access the system, contractors need only to click on “Licensing” and then “Renewal of Licensure” where they are asked to provide the following information:

·         license number

·         renewal ID number

·         last four digits of social security number (optional)


Once in the system, a licensee will be asked to complete the following:


1.        Respond to 13 general and financial qualifying questions.

2.        Verify identity and make payment with a credit card or Utah.gov.subscriber account.

3.        Print receipt and Certificate of Renewal.


The option to update address and telephone information with DOPL is also available while renewing online.  To avoid late penalties and expiration, licenses should be renewed as soon as possible.   If a renewal is not successfully completed online, application for renewal must be made by mail following online instructions.   Licensees should allow extra time for mailing.


Contractors who have renewed online are saying good-bye to those long waiting lines and are instead saying, “Thank you for such a great system!”   Nearly 18,300 contractors now have the opportunity to take advantage of the new online contract renewal service. 

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