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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

As I have mentioned previously, we are creating XML and RSS for a variety of purposes here in Utah.  Here's the XML for Governor Leavitt's News Releases and Media Resources.
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USU Botanical CenterA Water 2025 Regional Conference will be held on Salt Lake City on July 25th.  Water 2025 is an initiative announced last month by Interior Secretary Gale Norton. 

"Water 2025 is a commitment by Interior to work with states, tribes, local governments, and the public to address water supply challenges in the West.  These decisions cannot and should not be driven from a federal level. They should be based on-and will require-local and regional support."

Utah has many water conservation resources available online, including the new Water-Wise Plants website.  This is a collaborative effort between State, federal and local agencies, along with higher education.  I also discovered the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission website.  The Commission works through agreements with other federal and Utah state agencies, local governments, universities, non-profit organizations, and the Ute tribe to implement a wide variety of ecosystem restoration and wildlife conservation projects in Utah.  This kind of collaboration is what we are promoting through enterprise eGov projects.  There are probably even more opportunities to create interoperable solutions to support water initiatives.  For example, the Utah Water Conservation site provides information on the optimal watering times for Utah lawns.  What if you could create a web service that was tied to optimal watering schedules and weather data, geographically enabled that people could use to control their automated sprinkler systems?

Register online for Water 2025 in Salt Lake.

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Jim Stewart has announced that the Intermountain Exchange Conference will be held on September 24th and 25th.  The conference will focus on next generation networks and will be hosted by the Utah Education Network.  I would like to see ITS very involved in supporting this conference.

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