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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

According to Meta Group, the CIO's #1 challenge is to use enterprise architecture to promote change. 

In March, the Industry Advisory Council produced several excellent white papers for the Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office.  Although these documents were specifically written for the Federal government, they specifically reference state and local governments as part of the target audience and any state government that is involved in promoting enterprise and cross-agency initiatives should leverage their information.

The bottom line is that the recommendations in these documents align nicely with the direction that the State of Utah is heading, although these documents are more elegant in their approach (a $50 billion budget will help do that).  I recommend that product managers especially read the document on component-based architecture.  This gets at the efforts to develop using a web-services model.

According to the Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments, enterprise architectural models now form a critical base for 70% of Global 2000 companies.

The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture

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On July 1, the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve will open to the public.  The Preserve, which provides habitat to over 250 species of birds, is managed by the Nature Conservancy.  The Nature Conservancy has developed several of its Utah locations in cooperation with State agencies.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality, in cooperation with PSOMAS and the Mountainland Association of Governments, has prepared a new Environmental Awareness Guide for Mountain Resort Industries.

The Utah Geological Survey has created this online display with information on the Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonnevile.  The agency now makes its publication, Survey Notes, available online.  Here's the current edition.

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This morning, my system was 43 seconds off from the official U.S. time.  System clocks here are synchronized with the network and it was my understanding that our network time clock was synchronized with the U.S. clock.  USNO's clock is in sync with the NIST clock, as is Canada's official time clock.

I'm listening to a radio show on egovernment recently broadcast by NPR.

And still waiting for egovernment.xml.org to materialize.

The European Union is creating a new intranet for government officials.

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