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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The new design for the Utah Business Portal is live.  Vicki Bird of DCED and UII have done a tremendous job with this in a very short time frame. They have created an excellent resource for businesses in Utah that will only continue to get better as we add more functionality and dynamic capabilities.

This morning, we had an important UWIN meeting.  I'll say more about that later.

I just discovered Science Blog.  There's some interesting stuff here that relates to government.

Dennis Kennedy recently discussed portfolio management by law firms.  He points Todd Datz's article on doing portfolio management right that I have mentioned before.  I think that I could manage that for a law firm.  State and federal government enterprises become a more significant challenge.

Mindles Dreck writes about "clickophobes" who avoid using the internet at all cost.  This is a group we have to be concerned about as we increasingly focus on eGovernment.

Bart Barker is impressed with the latest enhancements to Utah.gov.

Brian Sweeting has an excellent vision for using open source in government.

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