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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Attorneys Jerry Lawson and Denise Howell are monitoring the Department of Justice's efforts to control what their employees say in weblogs.  Stephanie Tai - the subject of this controversy - will continue blogging, but in a much subdued fashion, for example:

"Gone! will be most editorializing on the state of the environment, or, at least, of the federal government's role in its condition."

"Gone! will my reviews of Supreme Court cases in which the government participated, because who knows if someone will construe that as the official U.S. take on a case, rather than the private non-viewpoint-attributable-to-the-united-states blog of a young government environmental lawyer."

Too bad, but the Department of Justice is not alone in its desire for control.  Lawson makes the case for both caution and openess in his thoughtful essay.  He also mentions a few more government bloggers, including Gary O'Conner of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Randy Tunac of the Department of Homeland Security.

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Accenture recently released a report entitled CRM in Government: Bridging the Gaps.  The report correctly concludes that:

...oftentimes governments struggle to realize the benefits expected from developing modern CRM capabilities. Many still have not been able to bridge the gap between the envisioned impact of CRM and their current experience.

I have personally observed a number of struggles associated with effective implementation of CRM here in the state, but feel that we are better for the effort.

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