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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I made a quick visit to our Surplus Property program yesterday.  They received about eight Harley Davidson police cycles the other day and have already sold three of them.  The other hot item right now is CNG vehicles.  Several years ago, these were very difficult to sell, but now there is a waiting list.  The program uses four different online venues:

Some night vision binoculars are available on the auction right now.

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Just got back from the groundbreaking for the new State Archives building.  Thanks to Senator Beverly Evans and Representative Lorraine Pace for their work in making it a reality.  Next, I'll head to dinner with John who will be sharing some time with us Friday to discuss enterprise IT architecture.  Tomorrow, I'm headed to Chicago to participate with an SPSS-sponsored focus group on web analytics with several other states.

Enterprise architecture discussion is scheduled for Friday morning with the Product Management Council set for next Wednesday.

Okland's Information Page on the Archives Project

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