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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics has put up a new website that includes a new service to procure birth certificates online with no additional fees.

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The latest issue of Risky Business, a risk management periodical published by Price, Waterhouse, Coopers, has several interesting articles.  The linkage between information systems and risk management I believe is one that is still widely underdeveloped.  I found two articles particularly interesting, "IT Systems Management, the Trouble with Technology" beginning on page 26 and "Linking Knowledge and Risk Management: Controlling the Information Flood" on page 15.  COSO has been working with PWC to develop a draft framework for enterprise risk management.  The final version will not be available until early 2004.  When I think about it, it makes sense for the enterprise to have a strategy for enterprise risk management that aligns with and supports other enterprise strategies such as the strategic IT plan.

The latest issue of Mission Critical Communications has some very good information for those involved in wireless communications and interoperability, including UWIN team members.  Unfortunately, the content is not available online.  Free subscriptions are available.

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Mark Forman is making his pitch.  In a technology subcommittee hearing, the Federal CIO suggested that he can save $3 billion through IT consolidation.  Functional areas identified as targets for consolidation were:

  • financial management,
  • human resources,
  • monetary benefits,
  • criminal investigations,
  • data and statistics, and
  • public health monitoring

These are certainly good targets for consolidation, given that they are not already consolidated.  Most of these are already consolidated at the state level in Utah.

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