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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Cook County Treasurer's Office website was swamped recently by taxpayers looking for additional refunds.  The site is very customer friendly, featuring several very good eGov services, along with information in Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, etc.

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DARPA has created a futures market for predicting future events in the Middle East.  This seems like a very strange thing for an already controversial agency to be engaged in.  Sure enough, Congress would like to shut down the "Policy Analysis Market".... real soon.  Better look now, it might be gone tomorrow.

Here we go again, Judge Royce Lamberth of the District of Columbia District Court has issued another injunction against the Dept. of the Interior ordering it to disconnect its IT systems from the internet.

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Woodsy OwlBoth Federal and State governments have created some nice websites for kids.  Some use flash for impact and want to compete with McDonalds or Disney for entertainment.  I would be interested to see some of the usage data and trends for these sites.

Yesterday, the FTC reported that 28.7 million people are already subscribed to the Do Not Call registry.  Eighty percent of those were done via the internet.

Speaking of flash, check out the DCI's Directorate of Science and Technology

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