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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A reporter from Stateline.org accessed Utah's new live help function to do an interview about the service.  So far, there has been a very favorable response to the service from both users and the media.

I met with the State's infrastructure protection committee this morning.  The presenter from INEEL presented some interesting capabilities that they offer both in terms of research and support.  He introduced the Office of Energy Assurance.  INEEL has created a wireless testbed to test potential wireless interoperability solutions.   This is a great idea, but we were already a step of them with multiple interoperability pilot projects already active in the state.  A demonstration is planned for August to demonstrate the results and implementation to a large number of interested potential users.

John Gotze mentions the following prediction from META Group:

By mid-2004, we believe RSS familiarity among developers will result in most enterprise content management and portal vendors announcing support of RSS, and e-mail clients and Web browsers will natively support RSS subscription management by 2005.

I think that's reasonable and a safe bet.  Might even justify my $39.95 renewal of Radio.

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