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Monday, July 28, 2003

The National Institute of Standards and Technology sponsors a series of advanced technology projects.  One of the more interesting projects is the wireless intelligent personal server (WIPS) being researched by Rosetta Wireless.  The project proposes to achieve an "order of magnitude" increase in the reliability of data transmitted over RF circuits.  This and other related projects offer opportunities for creating "killer apps" to stimulate statewide interest of the developing Utah Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN).  I am trying to learn more about the new NIST network for first responders.

Latest version of the Homeland Security Appropriations Act as just passed by the U.S. Senate

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Dr. John Gotze arrives today in Utah.  We will have the opportunity on Friday to meet and discuss things like egovernment and enterprise architecture.  Product managers, ACIOs, and IT directors in Utah, along with anyone else interested in enterprise IT architecture are invited to attend beginning at 9 am.  John's vision for applying technology to government has influenced egovernment developments around the world.  For example, John is a member of the Working Group on E-Government in the Developing World which produced some important recommendations for leaders in developing countries.  More recently, John contributed to the publication of Denmark's White Paper on Enterprise Architecture.

John Orr has started a weblog focused mainly on the Denver political scene, including the upcoming municipal elections.

Clint Laskowski sees weblogs as a goldmine for businesses that are seeking ways to improve customer communication.

Stephanie Tai has started The Blawg Review which surveys legal news and reviews from around the country.

Grant Heninger is tracking the recall election of Governor Gray Davis in California.

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