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Friday, August 01, 2003

I got back from Chicago late last night, where we had an excellent focus group on the use of web analytics in government.  Other states represented:

All of the states are interested in improving the way they measure and respond to customer needs.  None of us are as good at it as we should be.  We have been using web trend analysis tools in Utah for about 7-8 years and have made some good decisions based on the information.

One of the best examples is Ken Hansen with Administrative Rules.  Ken has been carefully tracking the utilization of the Admin Rules website for years and correlating it with both online and paper subscription information for the Rules as well as the bulletin and digest.  When it made sense, Ken discontinued printing of the paper editions of each of these publications and has been very successful in making rules very accessible.

One thing that we all thought would be useful is to have some consistency in the way that states track and report web data so that we can share successes of how to improve adoption rates for online services.

Will Cox informed me that TIA's FutureMAP project has indeed been cancelled.

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