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Monday, August 25, 2003

I spent the morning at WITC's Western Forum for CIOs and Government/Industry IT Leaders held in Park City.  In the opening address, Governor Leavitt suggested that interoperability will be as important in the next decade as network was in the past decade.  He sees a new kind of sociology emerging that will partner with technology to drive change.  The governor identified ten requirements as key project requirements in building the "socio-internets" of the next decade:

  1. Common pain - as well as common opportunity, fear, and other motivators will drive change
  2. Convener of stature
  3. Critical Mass of Players
  4. The project must be supported by a non-proprietary venue and have a neutral governance structure
  5. Clear and committed leadership
  6. Every participant must help finance the effort
  7. A sufficiently narrow purpose
  8. Defining outcomes
  9. Open architectures
  10. The value proposition must be greater for the whole than for the constituent parts (clarified by South Dakota CIO, Otto Doll)
  11. Frank McDonough added that there is a need for "staying power" - the capability to extend through various administrations.

During the lunch keynote, Mr. McDonough expressed his concern for the rate of progress in federal egovernment initiatives following the departure of Mark Forman.   Like Governor Leavitt, he suggests that we have entered a new stage that he is referring to as "iGov" or integrated government.  Several "perfect storm" conditions are developing which will help drive the iGov initiatives.  He also feels that iGov is harder than eGov (which it is) and that it will take longer (he's projecting 20 years). 

I also had the opportunity to meet with Stephen Timchak who is the Program Director of the E-Authentication project for the Federal government.  We discussed the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority and where they are headed with federal authentication.

Draft E-Authentication Policy for Federal Agencies

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