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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Government Technology magazine in an article entitled "Digital Governor goes to Washington" points out that the states will be losing a great advocate for eGovernment when Governor Leavitt gets confirmed for the EPA position.  Fortunately, I think Lt. Gov. Olene Walker will be very supportive of egovernment as well.  The Lt. Governor's office has championed a number of online initiatives related to online filing and information for candidates and lobbyists.

The latest on Mike Leavitt's EPA appointment
The Missoulian calls Gov. Leavitt a "fine fit" for the EPA.
Eric Schaeffer is not so complementary.
Oklahoma's Democratic Governor Brad Henry states, "Mike Leavitt is as reasonable and as intelligent of a person as you'll ever meet.  I can certainly work with him."
David Broder writes, in an article found in the Modesto Bee, "If anyone can revive the healthy but badly eroded tradition of bipartisan support for protection of God's natural gifts to this nation, Leavitt has as good credentials as could be found."
The St. Petersburg Times hopes that Leavitt can return credibility to the EPA.

Lynn Arave of the Deseret News reports on the impact of the sobig email virus in Utah.  Unlike the blaster worm, we experienced almost no impact from this virus among state agencies.

The Utah Technology Commission will be reviewing how Utah secures its portal and network on Thursday.

Why six computers?  In another GT article, we learn that in New York you need a different computer for each agency that you do business with:

It's not uncommon for a local official who does business with six state agencies to have six computers, all with separate systems, Cook told Stateline.org.

That seems pretty bizarre and should have been fixed years ago...

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