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Friday, August 22, 2003

Beginning with its preparations for the Olympics and the creation of Envision Utah along with other planning initiatives, Utah has begun to take more care in how it develops public spaces.  GSA also has a program that seeks to leverage federal real estate to support community development efforts.  The Project for Public Spaces is another interesting resource.  They identify Salt Lake City's Gallivan Center as a public space success story.  I have mentioned the City Comforts weblog before.  The author, David Sucher, has moved his site to a new Typepad format.

Logan Courts buildingThe ribbon-cutting for the new Logan Courts  facility is today.  Much of the credit for this facility must go to Representative Lorraine Pace.  It was designed by VCBO Architecture and built by Okland Construction.

Intermountain Contractors mentions several State of Utah projects in its August newsletter.

Four new classroom buildings are being completed this summer, including the new engineering building at Utah State University.

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