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Monday, August 11, 2003

Governor Leavitt will be the new director of the Environmental Protection Agency.  I am expecting an official announcement from the Whitehouse in about 34 minutes.

The Governor has been a great advocate of eGovernment, along with his vision for environmental and homeland security issues.  I am going to miss that, but EPA will be getting a visionary leader.  I'll have to see what that means for Utah's future....

Governor Leavitt's Enlibra Principles 
Mike Leavitt statement on regional haze (1998)

Olene Walker will take over as governor and probably appoint someone to assume the Lt. Gov. position

Official Whitehouse Announcement

announced on CNN at 2:50 MDT
Washington Post
Deseret News
Salt Lake Tribune
USA Today

Casper Star Tribune
Scripps Howard 
LA Times
New York Times 
San Francisco Chronicle 
CBS News
Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau *

The Sierra Club has announced their opposition to Governor Leavitt's appointment

The announcement came on the same day that Senator Liebermann launched an attack on the Bush environmental record.

More on our future Governor

Two days ago, Governor Leavitt spoke about his strategy for the outdoors at the Rural Utah Summit

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A new study by the Bertelsman Foundation, "Balanced E-Government," uses a balanced scorecard approach to evaluate 60 distinct egovernment sites.  The field was narrowed to twelve sites representing all levels of government.  The only US state included in the study was Virginia.  The field was evaluated across five areas: Benefit, Efficiency, Participation, Transparency, Change Management.  Two of the twelve, Seattle and UK Online, were rated as "the best of the best" meaning that "e-government offering is extremely well placed in all areas."

Seattle has a 24x7 online TV channel.  That makes sense since they're home to Real and Microsoft.

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