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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Following the Western CIO Summit, I had been giving a little more thought to enterprise architecture when up pops Todd Stephens' column in DM Review asking if we should have a meta data management maturity model.  We know why metadata is important, but how well are we doing at implementing meta data standards in government organizations?  Two years ago, Gerry McGovern wrote,

"Without metadata a document is left floating in a cyberspace filled with 550 billion other documents. The chances of it being found by the right person at the right time are greatly diminished.  There is a huge disconnect in the content world. Organizations invest vast sums of money and time in creating content, only to publish much of it in an incredibly shoddy manner."

Gerry's articles are indexed at usabilityviews.com along with other top meta data and web design thinkers such as Jakob Nielsen.  His book, Content Critical, written in 2001 presents many ideas on website design that are still very relevant.

It seems like it was about that time that we began discussing meta data standards and implementation in Utah.  I reviewed a few sites and it looks like we have improved.  The Utah State Library provides assistance for state agencies for this purpose.

Utah HTML Metatag Builder
State of Utah Instructions and Best Practices for Inserting Web Meta Data 
Dublin Core

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