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Friday, July 02, 2004

The official announcement of the Government Open Code Collaborative (GOCC) was made yesterday.  The collaborative is being driven out of Massachussetts.  Utah is a member.

Tom Adelstein writes about open source innovation within DoD.

Mississippi officials just announced initial deployment of the state's Automated System Project (ASP), a Linux-based mobile data infrastructure linking officials with public safety information.  This is a $14 million project supported with homeland security funds.  Here's more news on the project from Internet News, ComputerWorld.  Help desk will be supported by the University of Southern Mississippi.

I just received these recommendations from the ITS Linux team that I put together in April.

A CA VP is claiming that open source use in South Africa will surpass that in the US.  Here's where it is debated.  Microsoft is busy fighting the trend to open source in Asia and Australia, with Europe becoming a major battleground.  This is beneficial even for die hard Microsoft supporters.  MS just cut prices by 57% in Paris.  The shift to open source may be happening even more rapidly in places like Brazil and India.

The UK's Office of Government Commerce offers tips on portfolio and project management in their June issue of ECOE News.

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