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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I spent yesterday morning at the State information security conference.  Governor Walker (video stream coming) announced an increased focus on cybersecurity and asked for each department to appoint a Chief Security Officer that will be part of the State Information Security Council.  She was followed by Rob Clyde, CTO of Symantec, who gave an excellent presentation.  While hunting around, I found these video / audio streams of several recent conferences that have some interesting information on current trends. Simple registration is required.

Yesterday afternoon, we signed off on the Omnilink installation at UCAN.  I learned that Indiana and Ohio are using the same technology to support their statewide wireless initiatives.  Indiana's Project Hoosier SAFE-T is at a similar stage and is being coordinated between all levels of government.  Here's a map of their current and planned implementation.  The terrain makes the task very different from Utah where we have the mountains to deal with.

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