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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Paul Allen is a Utah entrepreneur who maintains a weblog on venture capitalism and entrepreneurship in Utah.  He even has a category on government and technology, but hasn't written much on the subject yet.

Accenture is promoting an idea to put RFIDs in license plates.  The radio tags would facilitate a smoother flow through toll booths on tollways and bridges.  The smart plates could also facilitate payment at airport parking lots, etc.  It might be a good idea to have them on all our fleet vehicles (we have 7,500) to improve our tracking capability.

Sabrina points out GAO's new redesign.  GAO does some great reports.  This makes them a little easier to access.

Deb Coates has an extension service weblog.  She also just published an article, Weblogs as a Disruptive Technology for Extension, in the June issue of the Journal of Extension.

The State of Utah Information Security Conference will be held on July 28th.

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