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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Utah Legislature has created a service that allows you to create customized RSS feeds for the latest information from legislative committees and task forces.  This looks like a great service and should add a lot of value to the growing list of RSS feeds available from Utah state government.  Expect to see a more comprehensive statewide news portal based on RSS in the near future.

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Utah will be the third state to implement JusticeXchange.  JusticeXchange is a real time data network of county jail records.  CCJJ is overseeing the project which will provide law enforcement with access to information about offenders held in jails across the country.  The system will be integrated with UCJIS which already provides a single point of access to well over 20 different data sources.

Here's the latest on the debate about outsourcing jobs paid for with state tax dollars that is taking place across the country.  Dave Clark, chair of the Utah Technology Commission, makes some good points.  The debate seems to be strictly focused on services.

Washington Technology discusses the challenges faced by UTOPIA and the expansion of government networks as well as initial rollouts of 700 MHz public safety systems.

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