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Friday, June 18, 2004

I was down at an agency last week to discuss their business continuity needs and was parked out on the street.  As is their custom, Salt Lake City parking enforcement passed by and ticketed me exactly 1 minute and 32 seconds after the meter expired and was halfway down the block when I reached the car to discover their little gift.  I had ten days to pay or my $10 ticket would go up to $45.  Anyway, it has been an extremely busy week and I forgot all about the ticket until Friday pm at 4:55, too late to run down to pay the cashier at the City-County building.  I didn't even have the ticket with me, but I was able to get online with my license plate number and voile!, just saved $35.

On a serious note, I appreciate the comments of ITS employees in the guest book for our departed colleague, Ken Kelley.  Hard to see him go....

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There has been a lot of press involving the misuse of vehicles by Salt Lake County employees, including the County Auditor, who resigned last month.  I was involved in setting up a statewide fuel network over 10 years ago that tracks all fuel usage by vehicle.  This data was used by the county to identify abuses.  County Mayor, Nancy Workman, has commissioned a review of county policies which are all available online at this new Citizen Review Panel website.

More coverage of live help and Utah's portal by Government Technology.

Maine has now added drivers license renewal to their list of online services.

Utah is among twelve states participating with the EPA in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network which officially went live this week.  Also, check out the new home of the Environmental Data Standards Council (EDSC).

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