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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

We met with Jim and Pete yesterday to discuss potential shared projects between ITS and UEN moving into the future.  UEN is a participant in the National Lambda Rail (NLR) project which holds real potential to expand bandwidth across the nation.  CalREN, which is part of CENIC, visualizes where the network is moving.  They appear to be the key player with NLR in the western US.

This morning I met with Public Safety and IEM where DPS outlined their XML - CAD integration project which has the potential to revolutionize homeland security data sharing in real time.  DPS has worked with local government agencies and computer-aided dispatch system vendors to create a GJXDM-based standard to share CAD-generated data through as central state node as well as peer-to-peer.

I'll try to comment a little more about each of these later...

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