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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Potters Ponds (shown at right) is one of many scenic sights along the Skyline Drive in Central Utah.  It is also one of dozens of Utah campgrounds available to reserve online through ReserveUSA.

I attended the June meeting of the Utah Technology Commission this morning.  Issues on the agenda included Matrix, open source, and technology governance.  Richard North presented a "top ten" list of technology issues in Utah.

The Southwest Carbon Sequestration Partnership has a new website.

CORE.gov is a location for sharing business and technical components available as part of the Federal Enterprise Architecture.  XML guidelines for the federal government's eTravel and integrated acquisition projects were shared at yesterday's meeting of the XML Working Group, along with an update on XQuery.

Do we need someone like SiloSmashers to help us break down the barriers to integrated government services?

The 911 Commission has been on the news all day today.

After relatively little activity, the OASIS eGov Technical Committee is scheduled to meet next month.

I received a welcome surprise Monday when I logged onto my Yahoo mail and found that the limit had been increased from 6 MB to 100 MB.  Thank you GMail!  I've had my yahoo mailbox for almost 10 years (it was previously Geocities) but have always been frustrated by that limit.  I also created a GMail account last month with its 1 GB of storage. (Yes, I received my invite through Blogger)

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