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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

CNET reports that a judge has placed a freeze on Utah's Spyware Control Act.

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The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (formerly NIMA) produces a periodical called Pathfinder.  The latest issue has an article on geoint.  Geospatial intelligence has involved significantly since the days when I was developing and implementing applications for the Microfix in the eighties, but it's still very powerful.

The Heritage Foundation is producing some interesting stuff on Homeland Security-related technologies.

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Recently, CIOs from 15 states met in Washington for the "fourth annual fly-in" to discuss issues with legislators.  Val Oveson, in addressing the issue of interoperability said,

"These problems canít be solved piecemeal. It will take an integrated approach, with state, local and federal governments working together."

What are the best examples of this type of cooperation?  Right now, probably the integrated justice program and the National Environmental Information Exchange Network.  These are both based on the establishment of commonly recognized XML standards for data sharing. 

What opportunities exist for improved communications and data sharing to solve both national and local issues?  Certainly there is still much that can be done with homeland security as I mentioned yesterday.  Don Cobb of IEM had this to say about Phil Bates' vision for integrated dispatch with incident management:

Scott Parr is leaving for Baton Rouge as highly energized as I have ever seen anyone following a productive business meeting.  Your insights and presentation of Utah's successes in interoperability have truly excited us from both individual and corporate perspectives.  The positive message Scott is taking back to our folks at HQ will have immediate and long-range effect within our company, and the various government agencies with whom we regularly interact.  No kidding!

Interesting issue going on with Thinkstream, Colorado, and HIDTA:

  1. Rocky Mountain News #1
  2. Potential lawsuit
  3. Denver Post quotes Salt Lake County Sheriff, Aaron Kenard, "I really was not comfortable putting myself or the board in the position that says this was somebody's sweet deal behind the scenes..."
  4. "Yikes"
  5. and from the Scoop

Thinkstream was just awarded a contract with the State of Louisiana.  The contract award has been appealed.

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