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Friday, June 04, 2004

John Gotze now offers his own Cut n' Paste Javascript RSS Feed service!

Jim Stewart mentions Brad Midgely's new blog.  Brad is with the Utah Education Network.  Jim, I'm waiting for an RSS feed for UEN news.

John Robb's Global Guerrillas weblog discusses network vulnerabilities and the kind of attacks that we might expect in the future on our critical infrastructure.  He calls global networks the modern "Achilles heel" of America and Europe.

The UWIN Technology Steering Committee meets today in Millard County.

Sabrina Pacifici points to this new GAO report on Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

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These two articles showed up in Government Technology this week:

The Utah Department of Financial Institutions has a new website.

I talked to representatives from the Navajo Nation yesterday.  They are interested in a partnership that would include Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and the Navajo Nation to develop and leverage infrastructure in the four corners area for economic development.  This dovetails nicely with the homeland security discussions that we have had.  They will be holding a summit in Albuquerque in in a couple of weeks.

Great agenda items for a software symposium scheduled for Salt Lake on September 10th.

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A new Pew Internet Survey explores how people interact with government:

  • 42% said they used the telephone the last time they contacted government.
  • 29% said they visited a government Web site to contact government
  • 20% visited in person.
  • 18% sent an email.
  • 17% wrote a letter.
  • 22% use multiple means to contact government.

I am hoping that whoever wins the governor's race will continue to support egovernment as a primary channel for citizen communication.  In discussing issues with Enid Greene last night, she mentioned her enthusiasm for the Utah Electronic High School and how cost effective it is as an education channel.  She also mentioned that Nolan Karras is focused on performance measurements which requires the use of technology to effectively analyze and respond to vast amounts of data.

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