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Monday, July 19, 2004

The National Conference of State Legislatures begins its annual meeting in Salt Lake City today.  Recently, NCSL published two studies discussing the negative impact of electronic commerce on state revenues.  The report estimates that the loss for 2003 to state and local revenues was $21.5 and $33.7 billion.

Twenty-five states now have some kind of public affairs network.  Although Utah is not officially represented here, there is regular coverage of the legislative session on the two major university-supported stations with KBYU providing daily coverage of legislative news during the session and KUED provides periodic coverage of state government issues on its Civic Dialogue series.  This report summarizes the status of public affairs networks.

Interesting rundown on Rock Regan's dismissal as CIO of Connecticutt:

Virginia is creating a new statewide radio network called STARS (Statewide Agencies Radio System).  They just awarded a $329 million contract to Motorola.  The first phase becomes operational in December 2005.  The system was funded partially by $159.3 million in bonds approved by the Virginia legislature.

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