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Friday, July 09, 2004

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service is using Metastorm eWork to deliver workflow-enabled PDF forms to the customer.  According to this Gartner analysis, Metastorm is a leader in the business process management arena, a little more innovative, but comparable in execution to Adobe.  Adobe's workflow server is new to the state of Utah, but offers some interesting capabilities for leveraging XML data.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue uses eWork for some of their processes.  The problem I have with their site is that it is www.sctax.org.  The URL is not associated with state government and there is no way to get to the state portal from this site.  They have some nice egov services, but lack consistency.  Oh boy, it gets worse.  South Carolina's portal is www.myscgov.com.  That's very intuitive.  And then there's www.scgw.org or www.scdmvonline.com/.  And what about this one: www.desc.info/scprepares/?  Have fun finding your way through the maze that this state government has become...  On the other hand, they do have some very nice online services.

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