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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

David Stephenson, homeland security consultant and strategist, has started a weblog.  Stephenson has been an advocate for the use of EmXML as a collaboration standard for the emergency management / homeland security community.

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Last week, I identified the current top 10 strategic projects for the Utah Division of Information Technology Services.  I will also create a top 10 list of operational projects in order to focus our efforts.  (Our implementation of VMWare for server virtualization will be one of these).

Mobile Data Network
Project Manager: Doug Chandler

The wireless group successfully implemented a mobile data network on 450 MHZ channels in Cache, Tooele, and Summit counties. With the allocation of 700 MHZ public safety spectrum by the FCC, we are moving all future MDN development to 700 MHZ. This is the primary project included in Phase II of UWIN.

Oracle 10g

This is the latest version of Oracle for grid computing. It promises increased reliability and scalability over previous versions of the database.   Oracle 10g will provide the database platform for several new egov projects.

Pre-Hospital Reporting
Project Manager: Dan Cook

This system is being developed on a MySQL database. It will give us more experience with MySQL, an open source database with the potential to significantly reduce some customers database costs. Although MySQL is not a solution for everything, it has proven to work very well for many things.

Homeland Security Portal
Project Manager: Kerry Huntington

This is one of the first systems that ITS has developed using a pre-build portal architecture that takes advantage of the relatively new W3C portlet standards. I would like at least of few employees in ITS to be expert at creating portlets and web services.

Shared Linux Hosting
Project Manager: Gerry Satterlee

This service is scheduled to be in production by August 15 and is increasingly the platform of choice by many of our customers due to its low cost and high reliability.

Adobe Forms
Project Manager: Darrus McBride

This is another customer-driven project that takes advantage of the latest developments in Adobe forms technology including workflow, XML integration, secure document handling, etc. The state has hundreds of forms that use the PDF format, but are mostly static. This will support agencies who want to make their forms dynamic and interactive.  We will also be doing a POC to see how well Adobe's form server works in conjuction with other document management systems.

Alternate Internet Connection
Project Manager: David Lee

This will provide a diverse path to the internet. In the short term, this will probably come through a third-party connecting to another location on the SONET ring. In the long term, it may be through UEN's partnership with National Lambda Rail to provide a national 10G ethernet backbone.

Fiber Connection to Richfield
Project Manager: David Lee

This will provide a high bandwidth connection to Richfield to support the applications that the site was designed for. We will be taking the state's IT directors to Richfield in August to discuss how they can make better use of the facility and its resources.

Mid-Tier Storage
Project Manager: Gerry Satterlee

There will be continuing pressure from customers to provide reliable storage solutions at lower costs. Gerry has already concluded an RFP and is in the process of testing and selecting the winning bid.

eREP Business Continuity
Project Manager: Lou Fischer

eREP is the State's new integrated online services eligibility system. It is an enterprise project which provides access to a large number of social and health programs such as TANF, Medicaid, food stamps, etc. This project will test ITS' ability to provide a comprehensive business continuity program to agency customers.

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