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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It's great to have a governor that is supportive of technology initiatives.  Governor Walker met last week with members of the Utah Information Technology Association which is an association of officials from Utah technology companies.  She had this to say,

"I hope that we are pushing the technology envelope in the state's services to the point where technology advances our ability to provide top-notch customer services instead of limited bureaucracy. We need to make sure that our government is not creating barriers for good technology. So far we are doing things that other states tell me are impossible. We have about 200 services available online and that number is growing everyday. For instance, technology has helped our Department of Workforce Services better integrate with other state departments to better serve potential employees. We must be using technology right when people can get fishing licences at 3:00 am."

So, if there is anyone that doubted Governor Walker's dedication to e-government, they should not anymore. 

EPA administrator Mike Leavitt has a new project he's excited about.  It's called the Global Earth Observation System of Systems.   I see why he's excited.  This is a federal "enterprise project" that involves 11 agencies in an effort to monitor the globe and enhance the effort to predict floods, drought, disease, pestilence, and global warming.  This kind of global resource has applicability in dozens of areas.

The Open Group has published presentations from their Enterprise Information Management conference held at the end of July.  There's some great stuff here.  Very applicable what states are trying to do with their enterprise architecture initiatives.  Keep drilling down, it gets even better...

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