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Friday, August 13, 2004

San Jose's former chief technology officer is currently under investigation for improprieties regarding procurement of Cisco networking products.  Government procurement is a sticky issue.  It is always a challenge to be fair and objective, yet efficient / productive, yet that is something that we always attempt to do.  Certainly, technical people, like anyone else, tend to prefer certain products, usually those with which they have some knowledge and expertise. 

Each month, the Governor holds a radio question and answer session with citizens called Let Me Speak to the Governor.  This week, she received a question regarding technology procurement from someone who felt that the State was biased towards Cisco in their procurement.  Obviously, Cisco is hard to ignore due to their size and presence in the networking sector, although I can think of several recent bids where Cisco was not the winning bidder.  I discussed the issue with all of our managers in ITS and re-emphasized the importance of being fair and objective in all bids.

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