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Monday, August 16, 2004

I always check to see how states respond to a major disaster on their state portals.  Florida has clearly made hurricane Charley information a priority, clearing away the center of their portal and filling it with information on contacts, resources, etc.  They've added a banner for an online reporting system to report price gouging in the aftermath of the hurricane.  None of the Florida government headlines deal with the hurricane, however, which indicates to me a shortcoming that many government sites have in the way that they handle news.  It would be nice if they had an RSS news feed with news and information related specifically to the hurricane and response issues.  If it were done right, it would also make it easier for state agencies to post news and they could also add news coming in from other supporting agencies like FEMA.

Weatherbug has been onsite with Charley and has a blog, along with an news feed.

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