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Monday, August 09, 2004

Jerry Mechling, the primary author of Eight Imperatives for Leaders in a Networked World, and instructor of the Leadership for a Digital World course at Harvard, will be in Utah on August 19th to speak about cross-boundary integration.

Jane Fountain, also with the Kennedy School, has an interesting article on eGovernment on page 29 of the 2004 Taubman Center Report.  She offers this warning:

"...it is becoming clear that the new technologies will be used as much for surveillance, monitoring, control, and disinformation as they are to further transparency, accountability, and access to information that promotes human development."

The National Center for Digital Governance has launched a website to share information between state and local governments who use DNA in the criminal justice system.  Jane Fountain is the Center's Director.  Lin Salisbury of Utah Interactive recently gave this presentation as part of the Center's workshop on data engineering.

Bill refers to California's review of technology alignment which points out a lack of good portfolio management.  This statement could refer to many states, not just California:

Despite its value to the state, there are currently no statewide policies, guidelines or evidence of adoption of best practices for technology portfolio management practices. For the most part, policy-makers are still not thinking of technology projects as a portfolio of investments for achieving a shared vision for how the state should serve the people, as pointed out by the Little Hoover Commission in 2000.

The report says that California's vital technology programs are in crisis.    It contains several very specific recommendations for improving the management of technology in the state.  I'll be interested to see how they get implemented.  The entire report was made available online last week.

It would have been interesting to have someone attend APCO's annual convention this year as we initiate our statewide E-911 governance committee.  I wish there was someone there who would blog the sessions.

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