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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New DCI, Porter Gross, was presented this morning.  The 9-11 commission recommends a new intelligence czar.  I don't see how that adds anything to having a Director of Central Intelligence who oversees the National Intelligence Council.  Just make sure these organizations and individuals are effective and accountable rather than adding an additional layer of bureaucracy.  Gross seems to have a pretty good background for the job he is being asked to do.

Here's an e-government blog in Italy.

Several members of Britain's parliament, such as Richard Allen, have taken up blogging.  The Guardian offers some suggestions for making political blogs more effective.

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This article in Always On a few weeks ago points out the problem with many e-government initiatives: marketing (or lack of).  Grants.gov has only received 327 of an expected 15,000 applications.  Utah has invested in a variety of marketing initiatives for its services, with I think some success.  Services like jobs.utah.gov have over 70% adoption, while others such as Renewal Express have witnessed more gradual, but steady growth.  Marketing methods have included bus boards, radio, web-based, and press releases.  All have helped, especially the establishment of the utah.gov brand.

Pam Perlich, formerly with the Governor's Office in Utah (Planning and Budget), recently published this excellent report on how immigrants are transforming Utah.

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