Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Very excited to see the new OutKast (double) album Speakerboxx/The Love Below [iTMS] in my latest iTunes New Music Tuesday e-mail. Very surprised to find Norah Jones joining Dre and Big Boi on "Take Off Your Cool". Too cool.

I'd be buying and downloading from iTMS right now, but only the "clean" version seems to be available right now. Damn.
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then dive into mark for lots of opinions.
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Gizmodo points to a dedicated server positioned as a backup/remote file access device for the home. The Mirra from Ispiri seems iServe-like. It looks small. Hopefully it is quiet. I like its seamless backup service and the remote access is probably nice, too. They may have plenty more up their sleeves--it is just a Linux box, after all.

What I'm really thinking about though is something that not only stores/backs up my files but also supports playback/streaming of my media files. I'd like my iPhoto and iTunes files synched to the iServe and then made available to my iTunes via streaming, to my TiVo Series2, to my (future) SLIMP3 player, etc. I think it could also be a platform for server-based applications of all sorts: web caches, e-mail, print serving, local search, etc.

I've been thinking about just starting to prototype what I want. I don't know whether I could productize it or not. I'm a software not a hardware guy. However, I think that the software is really the key. I think the hardware is largely commodity. For example, the Mirra looks a lot like the Cappuccino TX-3 Mini PC standing on end to me. The TX-3 costs a lot more, but I think there are some lower-priced models in the same line, and the Mirra doesn't have a CD-ROM, etc. Plus, Ispiri could be planning to recoup some of the cost in service fees.

P.S. Just noticed Nicest of the Damned has also commented on the Mirra/iServe connection.
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