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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Across This Pond 

 Over the years, I have met and enjoyed many interesting people through this medium we call the internet. Sometimes we happen upon each other by way of some common interest, perhaps subscribing to a like service or joining in a group. Other times it happens by  mere chance, a comment on some particular site. But then there are those rare times, few and far between, when I have met some extraordinary person, by only what could be termed as luck or even fate.Waterlily  And when those unique situations arise, I find them to be the most enjoyable and delightful of all meetings. In our society, people tend to seek out and search for other individuals that appeal to their own sensibilities and tastes. But it is always surprising to me when I come across one whom I would never intentionally pursue, yet...often I find that we share many of the same commonalities. Indeed, finding someone across this "pond", who lives an existence so varied from that which I live and being able to speak openly and freely about all sorts of subjects, is truly a joy. We can speak of politics or passions, loves or losses, desires or devotions and opinions or oppositions. Perhaps it is like the water-lily flower that opens amongst the plentiful pads, a rare treat to behold.

Today's Quote:

I have found it a singular luxury to talk across the pond to a companion on the opposite side.-Henry David Thoreau

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