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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Sometimes...Winning Is Losing 

 An interesting conversation I found myself in today dealt with someone who was visibly upset regarding a strained friendship. Suffice to say, there was some disagreement between the two, which in my mind, was nothing more than a misunderstanding. Still, these two preferred to butt heads as two rams steadfastly protecting each one's "turf". Both believed that they were "in the right" and the other wrong.Notched_Beliefs  Soon stubborness gave way to angry words, then to name calling and finally total disassociation. Each feeling as if their pride is worth winning at all costs. Of course, the pacifist in me attempted to reason with one of them explaining that, "it's fine to disagree, we all do at some time or another...but to do so with the simple intent of "winning" is not only non-productive, it's a futile waste of energy and jeopardizes a friendship in the long run." In that event, no matter how many "notches" you chalk up as a "win", no one is a "winner",  as all parties "lose". The price is quite high. Perhaps our desire to "win" is so strong that just as the leaf above, we end up with nothing but holes in our souls!

Today's Quote:

When in love, sometimes it's worse to win a fight than to lose.-Billie Holiday

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